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Edge-to-Edge Top-Quilting :

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(Top-quilting orders by appointment only)


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Knoxville’s Smoky Mountain Quilt Studio specializes in economical edge-to-edge quilting and is home to the Gammill Statler Stitcher Long-Arm Quilting Machine. Our Gammill is specifically designed to professionally top-quilt a beautiful and unique quilt. With a little care and planning, your quilt will be a wonderful addition to your personal collection, or a precious gift to a loved one.

Available Top-Quilting Options

Kathy B.'s fabulous embroidered quilt !

Kathy B.’s fabulous embroidered quilt !

a continuous pattern repeated in rows, from edge-to-edge.  
 (.01-.05 per sq. in.)       Ask about our popular ‘Pennypatterns’ !
 Custom Designs
we  no longer provide custom quilting.

Pricing example:

Beginning price for an edge-to-edge, penny-pattern on an “average” queen size quilt measuring 85″ x 100″, with you providing the batting, backing and doing the binding:  
$110.00 + tax.

Quilts are usually completed within 3 to 6 weeks.

Details of "Debbie's Feathers"

P L E A S E    N O T E !
“Having a perfectly square quilt is not a requirement!” 
We work with ALL quilts in ALL their shapes.
We also specialize in working with beginner quilters!
Please understand that part of our service is to trim your quilt of the excess backing/batting when the quilting process is finished.  If you DO NOT want your quilt trimmed, it is critical you let us know at the time of your appointment !
NEW!!  Please bring your backing fabric ironed.  We will charge $10.00 to $20.00 for ironing the backing if it has NOT been pre-pressed.  For a professional and beautiful job, please note that


E S T I M A T I N G   Y O U R   C O S T :

Avg. cost per square inch for an Edge-to-Edge:

Minimum .01-.05 per. sq. inch;

Approx. quilt sizes and minimum approx. cost, includes loading fee:

 Less 40” x 50” – Min $ 45.00 
Crib 40” x 50” – Min $ 50.00
Lap 50” x 60” – Min $ 60.00
Twin 65” x 90” – Min $ 72.00
Full 80” x 90” – Min $ 87.00
Queen 85” x 100” – Min $ 110.00
King 100” x 108” – Min $ 138.00 
**All prices include the ironing and loading fees.

Any quilt at/over 11,500 square inches ( example: 105″ x 110″ [11,550] or larger) is no less than two (.02 ) cents per sq. inch plus loading fee. 

(example:  105″ x 110″ = 11,500 square inches = $270.00 plus tax)

(higher priced patterns are double the regular price due to the larger size of a king size quilt.)

**Minimum quilting charge is $45.00, regardless of how small the quilt is.
(includes loading fee)
“Having a perfectly square quilt is not a requirement!” 
We work with ALL quilts in all their shapes.
Pricing is based on both the size of your quilt top and the amount of design detail desired. Calculate by the square inch.
(inches length  x inches width x price per square inch)
Batting = You provide the batting of your choice.
Binding = 5 to 10 cents per running inch, machine applied.
Ironing Backing Fabric =  $10.00 to $20.00, depending on size.  (If we do the ironing)
Variegated thread = $5.00 extra & $10.00 for quilts — 10,000 sq. in.
Backing = $12.50 to $15.00 per yard for quality 108″.
Piecing your backing = $10.00 to $30.00 depending on size.
Rush orders = $50.00 extra fee. (for less than 7-day turnaround)
Hanging Sleeve = $10.00–$25.00, depending on size.
Hand quilters: Basting services are available for $ .005 per square inch. A $ 25.00 minimum charge applies.


You have 3 binding options –

1. You can do it yourself upon completion of the quilt top;
2. I can sew the binding on by machine, attaching it to the top of the quilt, for 5 cents (.o5) per running inch. ( top + side + bottom + side) You then sew the binding on by hand to the back side of your quilt;
3. I can apply the top of the binding by machine, and apply the bottom by machine by running in the ditch of the top binding where it attaches to the quilt top, for 10 cents (.10) per running inch, 15 cents to 20 cents (.15 –.20) for curvy borders. ( Biased and double);

We provide a pet-free and smoke-free environment

for your quilt top.


 Quilt-Top Preparations Summary

While most of us are not award-winning quilters,  the following is a list of guidelines that will help you to produce a quilt you will be happy with;

1. Try to have quilt top as square and flat as possible but… 
2.  Perfectly square quilts are rare and not a requirement ! 
3. Try not to have wavy edges.
4. Do NOT pin, tack or baste you quilt.
5. Square backing & batting to 3″ larger on each side, and top/bottom.
6. DO NOT bring a quilt top with the smell of cigarette smoke. It will transfer the smell to my leaders and rub off onto other quilt tops. *******
7.  DO NOT bring tops covered in pet hair.
8. Trim loose threads threads, front & back, the best you can.
9. 108″ backing available. (approx. three dozen bolts)
10.  We do NOT provide batting.
11. At present, quilts have a return time of 3-6 weeks.

QUILTERS FYI SECTION:      “How to Prepare Your Quilt”

Is the quilt square?

Probably the single greatest ingredient to a beautiful quilt is a well pieced top. Receiving from the client a wonderfully pieced, flat, pressed to perfection quilt top is, of course, the ideal situation. But if a quilt is out of square, no amount of top-quilting will make it square. To correct, square each block as you assemble your top. Then measure your quilt from left to right and top to bottom to determine if it is square.

Does the quilt lie flat?

Often, when we hold or fold a quilt top, it appears to be relatively flat. However, when that same quilt top is laid on top of the batting we immediately see that the edges are wavy or have a fullness in the interior. Some fullness can be quilted out, but trying to quilt an area with a large amount of fullness often results in puckers and pleats in the quilt top. To correct a top with too much fullness usually requires re-piecing of the top.

Are the borders wavy?

If a strip of border fabric is attached to the quilt and the excess then clipped off, chances are you will have wavy borders. Instead, measure your border fabric first, and then attach it to the quilt top.

Backing fabric:

Backing fabric must be seamed, pressed and measure at least 3” larger than your quilt top in width and length. Busy backing tends to hide start and stop stitches better. I can provide a neutral backing fabric for an additional cost of $15.00 per yard of 108″.
If using 45″ fabrics, backing fabric is usually best when seamed from the top of the quilt to the bottom to avoid stretching. A cost of $10.00- $30.00 (depending on size of quilt) is required if you have me take your backing fabric and piece it to be large enough for the quilt top.


We do not provide batting.   Quilt stores offer batting in various sizes and a Joanne Fabric store is located around the corner from us.  Their batting is usually on sale or you can purchase with coupons.
Batting must be 6” larger than the quilt top in both length and width.
We do not accept a particular brand of batting in the bag. Please call for a list of the names of batting not accepted.


I use a professional brand of thread for commercial quilting named Signature Threads.  It is available  in both solid and variegated colors. Variegated threads are an extra $3.00 to $5.00 fee, depending on size of quilt. I stock approx. 50 different colors of thread, but can special order any color in the collection.
Loose Threads: Trim all loose threads, front and back of quilt top. An additional $10.00 fee is charged if I have to spend more than 30 minutes trimming loose thread.

jamies-star-quilt-with-stars-loopMy goal is to partner with you to produce a beautiful quilt by doing quality work with great care. 
Happy piecing, 

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