Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in the Karns community of Knoxville, Tennessee. We do not post our address so if you see it somewhere, it’s probably not correct! We do this to protect our time in the studio from interruptions. We give our exact address when you make an appointment. 😀

What is the difference between a quilt studio and a quilt store?

As a quilt studio, we do not operate retail hours, sell fabrics or notions. We only operate by appointment and only make quilts and/or offer top-quilting services.

How much does a T-shirt quilt cost?

Please read our T-shirt quilts page for information on prices, sizes, how many t-shirts, etc.

Do you sell batting or backing for top-quilting services?

We no longer sell batting. Why? Well, there are so many choices and quite frankly, being a small studio, we cannot compete with quilt stores on prices. You will need to bring the batting of your choice with your quilt top to your appointment. (There is a particular brand we do not recommend which we can discuss on the phone.)

We DO sell 108” quilt backing fabrics. We currently stock approximately 20-30 different bolts that range in price from $9.00/yard to $15.00/yard.

What is your lead time?

Typically, 4-6 weeks. That is for both top-quilting services and t-shirt quilts. However- during graduation and Christmas seasons, that can bump up to 6-8 weeks.

What is a “PennyPattern”?

A “PennyPattern” is a term we originally coined 15 years ago. At our level of expertise, most top-quilters charge a starting point of 2 cents per square inch for edge-to-edge quilting.

Our Mission has always been to keep quilting as affordable as possible. As a result, we have a couple of great pennypatterns, ~ ~ meander and meandering loops, ~ ~ as well as half-a-dozen penny-and-a-half patterns. (1 ½ ). Over 250 patterns at two cents (2) per sq. inch with another 200 available in the 3, 4 and 5 cent range.

Do you work with new quilters?

Actually, we do specialize in working with new quilters as well as seasoned quilters. We do not expect perfectly pieced or square quilt tops. This is not a contest and our job is not to critique or judge – but to help you make a beautiful quilt! 😀

Do you top-quilt Vintage quilt tops?

Vintage tops are defined as old quilt tops that someone else started – – a long, long time ago! 😀 I work with them a lot. That said, we always have an extra charge because inherently, they are always more difficult to top-quilt and take more time. (See the details on our Top-Quilting page.)

Do you teach quilting classes?

For over 20 years I specialized in teaching beginner quilting #101, foundation paper piecing, and all forms of appliqué, including Baltimore-Style needle-turning. However, I stopped teaching a number of years ago due to time constraints. That said, I am always happy and available to coach on many quilting skills at no charge! 😀

From time-to-time I am asked if I would teach machine long-arm quilting and unfortunately, I just can’t. It is a very time consuming process which took me many years to perfect and there are just not enough hours in the day. 😞 If you would like to learn more about long-arm quilting, check with any retailer that sells long-arm machines. They almost ALWAYS teach you upon purchase.

What Makes Our T-Shirt Quilts Different!

Our T-shirt quilts are different from most in that we actually QUILT the entire quilt top. Without the quilting stitches you run a huge risk in the ‘blanket’ coming apart when washed. By definition, ‘a quilt is not a quilt until it has been quilted.’ We use an all-over quilting design of your choice that will ensure your special quilt will last for many years.